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About Us

Giant Tyres is part of the “Giant Tyres” group of companies. These companies are privately owned and have grown significantly over a 25 year period. From an early stage, the founding member of the business recognized the industry desperately needed unbiased advice and service. Giant Tyres philosophy is therefore based on the premise of providing the most effective tyre package to all of our customers, IRRESPECTIVE of tyre brand. 

To achieve this objective, Giant Tyres has major accounts with all of the recognized tyre manufacturers, including Goodyear, Michelin, Yokohama and Bridgestone, and offer a range of proven alternative products for the budget conscious customer. We also have a huge network of domestic and international suppliers for tyre-related accessories, and provide the widest range of services in the industry. For the list of services, please explore our SERVICES page of the web site.

Due to our substantial buying power with all of the major manufacturers, Giant Tyres has the ability to offer the best performing brands at the most competitive prices. Our experiences and on-going field testing recognized many years ago that it simply wasn’t possible  for any tyre manufacturer to produce the best tyre in every application and category. Therefore, our preference has always been to speak with the customers about all of their relevant factors including site conditions and machinery work loads, and offer the most cost effective and best performing option based on our proven field data. This holistic approach may result in some machines being fitted with Michelin tyres whilst adjoining machines are fitted with Goodyear and Yokohama tyres, however the benefits of this strategy becomes apparent when the customer’s yearly tyre expenditure reduces significantly.


Simply stated, our preference is to gather as much information as possible from the customer, and provide the most informed recommendation based on their individual requirements.  This philosophy has allowed Giant Tyres to successfully compete for national procurement tenders with many of the market-leading mining and quarrying companies. We supply the best performing tyres in each category maximizing the customers tyre expenditure.

Although some customers are led to believe an alliance with only one manufacturer is beneficial, we’ve never understood why customers should be forced to purchase other under-performing product from the manufacturers product range, purely for PERCEIVED savings on a few necessary items.


If performed incorrectly, tyre servicing can be hazardous. As such, the Giant Tyres Group of Companies is diligent in the pursuit of total site safety. On-site service staff undergo rigorous training and accreditation, and on-going independent safety audits. 

All products and services are covered by either manufactures warranty, or by our comprehensive insurance policies.

Copies of insurance and OH&S policies are available upon request.

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