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Giant Tyres offers the most comprehensive range of services in the OTR industry. This includes:


  • On site tyre servicing–all servicing performed by experienced, accredited personnel
  • Tyre sales– ranging from light truck to 63” Giant OTR tyres
  • Large mining, fleet or national procurement options
  • Comprehensive OTR tyre repairs—performed to Australian Standards
  • Tyre re-lugging utilising Premium Toyo rubber in a variety of compounds. Site specific patterns are available at standard pricing.
  • On site consultations/audits including: tyre maintenance, site condition assessment including hazardous conditions or procedures, tyre performance evaluation, load and haulage assessment, rim/wheel testing procedures, and essential TKPH and weight assessment (relevant to assess tyre heat generation). These consultations/audits are forwarded to site management with suggestions that assist in lowering tyre-related expenditure and minimise exposure to industrial incidents.
  • Project management


  • Long term hire of equipment/personnel for major infrastructure projects.
  • Tyre protection chains: Sales and Service of premium Rud Chains
  • Wheel/rim crack testing: Non-destructive ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing
  • Wheel/rim supply and manufacture
  • Tyre disposal
  • Huge range of tyre consumables and accessories including valves, tyre repair products, tubes and flaps, tyre additives and rust inhibitors, nitrogen inflation, tyre lubricants, tyre servicing equipment, correct inflation placards
  • Tyre awareness courses including correct on-site inflation procedures, in-house tyre inspections and techniques to reduce excessive tyre wear or damage.
  • In cab tyre-pressure monitoring systems



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